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This pic is a fresh one of me doing what I usually do when I am at home.

I spent less than a year at Riverdale High, having moved from Toronto in October 1965 and graduated with the class of 1966. I didn't get to know many classmates, partly because I was rather quiet and reserved at the time. I got to know Marco Den Ouden and we formed a rock and roll band - Marco on drums and myself on bass guitar. A couple of Marco's friends filled out the group on guitar and vocals. Nothing to write home about but we had a great time...I managed to get into McGill University and spent the next 3 years doing everything else but study. Obviously, my budding academic career was less than impressive. A lot of time and effort went into music, listening and playing. The bass guitar was still my main instrument but I learned to play harmonica, the "blues harp". I'd been interested in the blues since the early 60's and it slowly became a passion.Geology, my McGill major, turned out to be a bad choice. Couldn't hack it so I dropped out... I moved back to the country of my birth, Finland, in 1970. I worked at odd jobs for awhile, trying to get my bearings. I found that among my few virtues was the ability to listen and to keep my mouth shut - apt in the human sciences. I was admitted to the University of Helsinki as a foreign student, majoring in applied psychology. So I finally found my vocation and finished post-grad training in the late 70's. I've been working as a clinical psychologist in mental health clinics for about 25 years. I got married in 1974, still am - and to the same lady! My wife, Eila is an MD, psychiatrist. "Two shrinks in the same family? How do you get along!?" We work at the same clinic and get along just fine. We're DINKS, i.e. double income, no kids...I've been cutting down my work load and intend to retire in 2005, when I'm 57.

What's in the cards for the future? Music,of course. I've become active again in the music scene during the past decade. I play blues harp and guitar in a blues band made up of mental health professionals. The band's called "The Bluesers". We play some pretty fair blues if I say so myself, even if we are a bunch of old farts. Loads of fun practicing and play gigs now and then - we even get paid for it! My health has held up well considering the mileage...And no, I'm no longer quiet or reserved.

"John" Esa Mattila (Riverdale High School, 1966 grad)

PS. Anyone interested can check out the link to our clinic:

The entire site is, unfortunately, in finnish. But our names and phone numbers are
listed, so if anyone wants an appointment give us a ring ;-)

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