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Tom Alt - 1968 Grad

I didn't know Tom very well but the little that I knew of him was very amiable.  My memories of him are that he was a very special guy!

Bev Chapman

Bev (Chapman) McLaughlin (1968) - Classmate

Tom and I spend our teens together and then in the late 60,s we traveled Europe. Tom had a love for women and he had a head start on most of the kids our age. As I hear he became very successful in designing and selling jewelry and owned the biggest store in montreal. I left Montreal in 1971 so I only talked to him once or twice a year but from what I understood he was a very generous person. Tom was born in Germany and his wish was to be buried their so one day I will make the final trip to see him.

Ron Clark - Friend

Tom was a special friend when growing up. I think it was in the early 80's when I bumped into him at Swiss Chalet. He told me he was in the jewelery business. He looked successful and the same fun friend that I remembered.

Sandy de Pol Challinor - Friend

I met Tom in grade school and we developed a friendship that lasted over many years. Tom had a love for sport and we played football and hockey together while growing up on the West Island. I lost touch with him for many years but we rekindled our friendship later in life when we bumped into one another at an auto racing event. We shared the love of racing and fast cars until his passing. I will most remember him for his tenacious approach to life.

Gary Griffiths - Friend

Tom and I grew up together....playing football in 1962 for the Ticats in Norh Shore Football League. Believe it or not he was the star running back. He was a backup goalie on the North Shore Midget team. We played basketball in high school and many years after that. Great memories and fun times.

Big Tom was warm hearted and generous. The proverbial ladies man who never really settled down until it was too late in his short life. An honour and a privilege to be able to call him....Friend.

Rick Ballard - Friend

It's the laugh I remember - deep & easy & confident. I read my brother's comments and could't put Tom out of my head for the longest time. He had that effect on many. As I write this, my 12 year old is playing Amazing Grace on his trumpet. Tom, a Prince of a man. ..RIP

Paul Ballard - Teammate

Tom & I worked together at Versailles Esso for most of our high school years. He & my sister Joyce dated for a while.

John Smith - Friend

Tom was the first older student I met in Riverdale. I had switched lockers because it was easier to get to my bus at the end of the day. I was in Grade 8 and when I met him he was so big and I nicknamed him Tom Thumb. He was a very nice person to me, only have great memories of him as a "locker neighbour".

Lynn Bryant - Locker neighbour


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