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Ron Batten - 1968 Grad

I was searching for lost alumni in November 2004. I phoned someone who said that he was Ron's cousin and that Ron had died of a heart attack just a few months before.

If anyone knows any different about Ron, please let me know. I am just going by that phone call.

Bev Chapman

Bev (Chapman) McLaughlin (1968) - Classmate


Thank-you for your work with the Riverdale dedication page. The information you received presumably from my Uncle in Ottawa is correct, my father Ron Batten passed away in December of last year. Although he never quite became a commercial pilot, he did work for over thirty years with Air Canada as a customer services manager at times filling other roles and duties as required. Upon his retirement in 2000, he took on another job as the manager of my grandparents(his parents) hardware store. The majority of employees at the store were comprised of our family members, which set a fantastic stage for his last place to work. I thought I would just take the opportunity to thank-you for this page and give you a snap shot of his life.

Richard Batten



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