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Wally Chatfield - 1967 Grad

Wally and I went way back.  We both went to Rosemount High School before we landed in the halls of Riverdale High School.  Wally was a very special person and I am glad to have known him.  We had a lot of laughs together.

Bev Chapman

Bev (Chapman) McLaughlin (1968) - Friend

What happened Wally?

Tom Newman - Good Friend

Many fond memories of Wally through Sir George Williams University and travelling Europe together. Loved to laugh!

Rick Ballard

Hey, the years have gone by and every time I buy a new car I always remember Walley's laugh and saying " My Rambler has better PICK UP than all the cars out there" Walley always meant Girl Pick up ... What fun we had in those days. I was so sad to hear you were looking down on all of us. You were a good friend

Doug & Marg.. (Breckenridge)


Hope you don't mind my contacting you.  I had heard that a page was on classmates about Wally and I told her to look it up for some info.  Brad and Kelly were telling me they had been in contact with you.  I was 5 years younger than Wally so I don't remember you as much, were you away at school?  I remember Dave and I was a friend of Steves.  I remember the lovely letter you sent me upon Wally's death and I still have it in a portfolio with all his cards etc.  It was truly tragic when Wally died, December 25, 1987 he was a great person and a wonderful father.  Kelly was 9 when he passed and was extremely close to him and she turned into a magnificent woman dispite the tragic death of her father.  Wally suffered from very bad diabetes which led to kidney failure and two failed kidney transplants.  He never complained and tried everything to regain his lifestyle but it was not to be. He actually had two strokes within 24 hours of each other and died three days later.  He missed all his friends from the good old days and we moved to Toronto in 1985 for a better chance at a transplant.  Anyway I have since remarried and have another daughter and I am still very  close to his parents who now live in Kitchener Ontario. Its been great to talk about Wally again in detail and I hope you don't find my emailing you about this.  Feel free to contact me anytime!


Cindy Laciak  (nee Hughson-Chatfield)



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