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Edmond Dadd - 1972 Grad

In loving memory of Edmond. From his Mother, Father and Sister.
Ed passed away while vacationing in Bali Indonesia May 18th, 1982

From Vera Dadd (his mother)

It is with a heavy heart, a tear along with memories of the great times we had together that I learned of this today. I'll miss you.

Peter Jankowski - Friend through High School


my name is bob keeting
i met ed in about 1979 @ harman_mc key shell gas station
he was a part time mechanic and i was the shift supervisor he wanted to buy the engin of my 62 pontiac this ov course he was gonna: put into a 68 chevy van lol

well he never paied me for the engin but we had a fine time makin: it fit in the van and if annyone knowes ed the next ten years untill i carried him to his final rest shall we say were quite an adventure.
if you wanna" share things about ed or make him truck on agin: e mail me @ zoot2boot@hot mail .com keep on truckin: ED __ ur missed buddy !

Robert Keeting - Friend



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