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Grant Hutchison- 1969 Grad

Unfortunately our dear friend Grant Hutchison passed away at the end of 2001. After a 10 yr battle with cancer.

Gerry Johnson - friend

Grant Hutchison was in my music class in high school. He was a quiet, pleasant fellow, and fun to be around. I am sorry to hear that he has passed on.

Mary Hunter, classmate.

Grant was just a all around good guy. Always cheerfull and full of fun. We lost something when we lost Grant.

Steve Rowley - Classmate

It is a wet and gloomy afternoon which matches my mood after having read this sad news. Grant was one of the first friends I made when my family moved to Montreal in 1962. We remained good friends until the mid 70's when life's paths took us in different directions. We lost touch and sadly, although the internet provides an opportunity for paths to cross again, it can also bring an abrupt halt to the faith that one day old friends will reconnect and share experiences.

I do want to share a couple of anecdotes about Grant. I recall one hot summer afternoon in July Grant announced that a familiarity pass to a local private pool had been delivered to his house. The only restriction was that guests using the pass must be related. Grant, another friend who shall remain nameless ( AW you know who you are) and I headed off to the pool with bathing suits and towels in hand. All three of us were the same age (14) and undoubtedly looked it. We, nevertheless, tried to pass ourselves off as brothers. The sophisticated security check involved reciting Grant's home address which was shown on the pass. The skeptical attendant let us in, no doubt awed by our "mother's" endurance.  AW later confessed that it was fortunate that I was asked first because he had no idea of Grant's street number. We were not seasoned criminals!

Another time Grant, my sister and I traveled to Toronto in Grant's VW beetle. On the way home along the 401 it beqan to rain. After an hour or so, the windshield wipers stopped to which Grant uttered: “Oh Oh” as only he could. It was getting dark and visibility was deteriorating. Leaning out the window to manually run the wipers back and forth was not a reasonable option. One of us came up with a brilliant plan. My sister pulled a pair of pantyhose out of her luggage and we threaded them through the front windows and tied them to each wiper  We drove the rest of the way with one of us riding shotgun and manipulating the wipers by pulling back and forth on the pantyhose! Every time a car passed us the wipers were put on high. Not exactly rain activated wipers!

My condolences go to Grant's family and friends. A life ended too early. 

Peter Henderson - Friend

Grant was a wonderful guy. he was a quiet power. I thought the world of him. He was kind and considerate and I always felt at ease in his presence. It is very sad to hear of his battle with cancer and his death.

Denise Denny Littlefield - Classmate grade 8 and 9


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