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Read Kidd- 1968 Grad

What I remember about Read was his relaxed manner and smile. He could make me laugh. He came to my Halloween party dressed up in a goofy costume. I believe Read passed away at a young age. Very sad.

Lynne Dobson Huber
1968 Grad. and fellow classmate

Read and his brother were killed in a car crash while they were both in their late teens. His parents, Carmen and Dorothy, and my parents were very good friends and I know the loss of their only sons, ruined their lives. There is an older sister but I don't know where she is. The tragedy impacted all of us.

Elaine Barton - Friend

While I did not know Read, I knew his brother, Bruce, who was in my Black Lit. class, and among our circle of friends. Bruce was a lot of fun to be around: a sincere person who never put on airs. From his school bio and memories submitted by his friends, it seemed that Read was a great guy, too. We were all devastated to learn of Bruce and Read's sudden, tragic and terrible deaths at such a young age. I offer my deepest sympathy to the family.

Most sincerely,
Mary Hunter.

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