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Ed Murray - 1966 Grad


Eddie Murray, hmmm........ what can I say about Eddie. What a character! Eddie was in and out of my life from the time I moved to Dollard.  I met him in 1966.  It is sad that he died so young.   I am sure that he is missed by many.

Bev Chapman

Bev (Chapman) McLaughlin (1968) - Friend

He was a Zen Master without needing to study it - Full of Love and Life - Always remember him with a smile - and with sadness (he left this planet way too soon) When hunger struck , it did not matter what was in the fridge/pantry he could and would put together the most amazing and outrageous concoctions ever imagined ! (and eat it too!) He was an Old Soul with his own perspective on life -

Another victim of the 1960's fast changing times where so many talented people were lead astray because of a total lack of instruction and direction in the very poor school system.

Eddie...hope you found what you were looking for,,,see you soon (er) or later -

Paul Donovan - kindred spirit / brother

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