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Pat Ramsey - 1971 Grad

Pat and my brother Stephen Chapman were good friends. Pat and Cindy moved to Calgary in the 70's and he and Steve kept in touch. I saw Pat a few times.

It was sad to hear about his death. He died on Christmas Day in 1999 leaving behind his wife Cindy, his daughter and his son.

Judy Ramsay, his sister came from Toronto for the funeral. It was nice to see her but sad that it was for such a sad event.

Bev Chapman

Bev (Chapman) McLaughlin (1968) - Friend

I MISS my brother and his wonderful sense of humour. He always made us laugh and look on the bright side. He is in heaven with our Mom now. My life forever changed, and Cindy's and his great kids. Much loved and missed. Judy

Judith Armstrong Ramsey Jeanniot - Sister

Pat and I lived on the same street. For a period of time, we walked home after school from Riverdale together. Sometimes, Pat carried my books. We talked a lot, and laughed some too. We shared secrets. Pat was funny and wise. He loved the women in his family, especially his sister Judy, whom he greatly admired. The last time I saw Pat was July 19, 1981 in Calgary at the wedding of a mutual friend. Pat was Best Man. He and Cindy were married by then. My sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to all the family members Pat has left behind. R.I.P. Love, Monika

Monika Staub - Friend

One of the things I remember about Pat was that during Miss Kennedy Dwyer's English class in 1967-68 he had the class roaring during an improvisational we had to do. Quite a character.


John Bood - Classmate




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