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Nancy Smith - 1967 Grad

I remember seeing Nancy in the halls of Riverdale. I also saw her in the neighborhood with her long lasting boyfriend and later husband, Chris Horvath. I didn't know Nancy that well but someone at sometime told me a story about how Chris and her met. There was a little park not far from both of them and when they were very young they met and then were sweethearts all through grade school and high school. They married and had a daughter from what I have heard. I heard some time ago that Nancy had passed away and then just recently I was sad to hear that Chris was also deceased.

In loving memory,
Bev Chapman

Bev (Chapman) McLaughlin (1968) - Schoolmate

Nancy Smith and I were good friends and next door neighbours on Middleton St. in D.D.O. in the early 60's. We had been transferred from Toronto and upset to leave our family, friends and classmates. Nancy's friendship certainly softened the blow.
In those early days in Dollard, there was nothing for kids to do. We would hang out at the Apothocary or at the Belcourt model houses. For some reason, we thought that was great fun. Anytime spent with Nancy was fun. We were both gigglers and everything could be turned into a joke. Sometimes we would go into my basement and crank up the rock and roll. My father loved to watch as we danced and swung each other around as fast as we could.
One day in April of '87, my mother called me at the office to say she just read Nancy's obituary. The funeral was very sad especially when we saw Nancy and Chris's beautiful young daughter. Chris died in May of '99 at 52.
Over the years, I have sometimes been asked to describe Nancy. I always say the same thing, she was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.

In loving memory, Gayle (Bested) Migicovsky (1966) - Friend and schoolmate

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