Kozlovski, Helen

Vija Hanisch - Name Now

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I graduated from Riverdale High School in 1973. My name then was "Helen Kozlovski". I now live in Birdwood, South Australia, Australia and am married with 2 children. My husband's name is Stephen and my children are Simon - 15 and Kiri - 8. I am now known as Vija Hanisch (Vija is my middle name but that is what I use now). Unfortunately I cannot attend the reunion as I live so far away but I wish you all the best and would love to hear from some of my old school mates.

I have sent this message to my brothers and sisters and all 7 of us went though Riverdale.

My siblings are:

Indra Kozlovski - I think she graduated in 1970 or 1971 (not sure) George Kozlovski - He was in grad year 1972 Natalie Kozlovski - She graduated I think in 1975 Michael Kozlovski - now living in Australia also and is called Michael Petrovs Elisabeth Kozlovski Kathy Kozlovski

I hope you all have a wonderful reunion and I will be there in spirit.

Vija Hanisch (Alias Helen Kozlovski - 1973)