Barton, Elaine

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After graduating at 16, with one goal in mind, to make money and shop, my father used his influence and had me hired at the CNR. From there I moved to Chi-Can Freight Forwarding, staying in the transportation industry for about twelve years, and attending McGill at night. Over the decades, I moved from transportation to footwear to ... firearms and ammunition (Century International Arms Ltd. in Montreal from 1986-97 and Boca Raton, Florida, 1997-98), from which I retired in 1998, when I returned from Boca to St. Lazare, Quebec. My husband was tired of flying to Boca every second week-end! Sam Yampolsky and I have been together for almost 11 years and he owns a digital photo lab, Champion Imaging Group, located in downtown Montreal.

I was too busy as a workaholic over the years and did not have children, just dogs! We now have a two year old Rottie and a 20-month Husky-Lab mutt, both adorable! A few years ago, we had a 25x30-ft greenhouse put up on the property and I now spend late-winter and spring germinating heirloom veggie seeds, mostly tomatoes, which our local nursery sells. A true labor of love! When I'm not sowing seeds in the sunroom, or transplanting in the greenhouse, I can be found cooking, and dabble frequently in many ethnic cuisines ... Thai, Greek, Indian etc. Then I go to "Curves" to minimize the damage!. We're usually on a cruise somewhere ... a couple of times per winter.

Life has been good, retirement has been great! I still enjoy shopping, love red wine and am surrounded by great friends and family. I look forward to hearing from any students who may remember me and hopefully, I'll be able to wiggle out of my previous commitment for the week-end of May 20-23 in order to attend all the reunion-related activities.