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MY bio:
The day after I graduated I went to Europe and modeled for four months, came home and danced on another T.V. show... "Jeuness Audjourdhui" for another three years. I continued doing photography, T.V. commercials, shows etc. and am fortunate to say I am still doing it and I love it! I also work daily with fashion designers and manufacturers as a fitting consultant and model. I have met many talented and artistic people in my career and that is how I met my husband, Philip Lor, a fashion photographer. And "hold on to your seats" he went to Riverdale! I had no idea! He graduated in 1972. When I was in grade 11 he was in grade 8, who would have thought!! We have a wonderful son, Stephan, 28 and he is a computer consultant and a certified chef. Philip and I live in St. Lazare, Quebec and we can't wait to go to the reunion and see some of our old friends!

Vicki and Steve Barnes at Vicki's graduation