HOWES, Deborah

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Married to
Doug Cawker

Couldn't wait to leave High School and travel to England with my twin sister Dorothy. Sept 1973 I started to work for the Royal Bank, where I continue to work to this day. Whenever I had vacation time I was off travelling to Florida, California, Nevada, Australia, Israel, England & Europe. Between working and travelling I was involved in different organizations of the Church. Then Doug came back into my life and swept me off my feet and I fell in love with him 17 years ago and we became soulmates. We will have been married 16 years this May 13th and it has been wonderful. I moved from Montreal to Ontario after we were married. Doug & I travel to lots of different places, most recent Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. Moved from Ontario to Fredericton 7 years ago when Doug took a transfer with Air Canada, and we plan on retiring here.