HOWES, Dorothy

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Married to
Bill Wilson 1971


After I graduated from High School in 1973 , my twin sister, Debbie and I travel around England for the summer. I started working at the Royal Bank in the fall of 1973. It was great fun confusing the employees at the bank , since Debbie and I both worked on different floors.
In 1974, I fell in love with my husband Bill at a Youth Group at St. Barnabas Church in Pierrefonds. We were married in 1975. I am still in love with Bill after 30 years . Traveled to Bermuda, England, Florida, California and I was fortunate to travel with Bill when he was on his business trips.. I stopped working at the Bank when we had our first child Kurt in 79, then Heather followed in 1982. Both our children graduated from Riverdale. I am working part-time and volunteer in our church life. We have lived in Dorval, Pointe Claire and now living in Pierrefonds.