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Adrian's Son

I visited the website and thought that I would enjoy hearing from some of my old classmates and friends.

I left Montreal in 1967 and really never came back. I lived in Europe for a number of years and then moved to California. I am now an American citizen and live just north of San Francisco in a town called Mill Valley.

I believe that the Lord has blessed me a number of years ago with a partner whom I am crazy about and four and a half years ago he further blessed us with a son named Julian. I guess it takes me a little while longer than most of you to figure that out.

My wife Kelley and I are business partners and we have the opportunity each day to be involved with exciting projects in California and all over the world.

I think back to my days in high school and realize the missed opportunity. I really don't like what I remember about myself. I wish that I could have spent more time meeting and getting to know many of you.

Perhaps this forum is a good way to start new conversations and rekindle friendships.