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When I left Riverdale, I went to work. I soon discovered why my parents wanted me to go to College or University. There was no CEGEP in those days. I enrolled at MacDonald College and got my teaching degree. I couldn't find a job in Montreal so I went to teach in a very small town just north of Ottawa call Lucerne, Qc. After three years of being homesick, I came back to Montreal. I still couldn't get a job with the Lakeshore School Board (they had a long waiting list) so I found myself a job at Kraft Canada as a lab analyst. My salary doubled and I no longer had the awsome responsibility of molding the lives of my students. I am still working at Kraft (33 years).
I am now divorced but have four wonderful children, Michelle age 21, Joel age 19, Serenah age 15 and Shaun-Simon age 13. We live in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Qc. Michelle is working on her Masters degree at the University of Toronto. Joel is planning to become a fireman (a scary idea for Mom). Serenah is my high-mantenance child (God love her). She was on her way to represending Canada at the Olympics in gymnastics when she fell off the high bars and broke both her elbows which ended her dream. Shaun-Simon is trying out for the Quebec soccer team (I think he will make it).
My sister, Paula married Glen Olson and they live in Mississauga, Ont. with their two children Johnathan and Jennifer. I am still in touch with Bonnie Bauchman, Fred Spencer and Mr. Shadowitz. Bonnie lives in Wakefield, Ont on a very small farm with her daughter Maegan and Fred is a social worker at Batshaw Family services. Mr Shadowitz still lives in D.D.O.
I would be happy to hear from any of you. You can email me at See you at the reunion.