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Bill Marshall Grad 1966

I returned to Ontario after graduating and had to do grade 13 - most of which we had done in grade 11 in Quebec. Riverdale in the west island was among the friendliest places I can remember living in. I think it was the new school effect which I also found in Peterborough attending Trent in its second year of existence. I have lived in 34 places and even wrote a book about all of them called Framed By Our Houses - to be published one day soon!

Trent University was next for a Bachelor in Anthropology. I met up there with my future wife, Kate Smith, and we set off for Laval University for her to do a degree in music. We settled back in London, Ontario and Kate started teaching while I continued working in student services at the University of Western Ontario.

By 1981 we had fallen in love with the wilds and waterways of British Columbia and moved our careers there. After a stint at BCIT, I took up working for many non-profit groups - serving people with physical and mental handicaps, wildlife rehab, healthy communities, family centres - variously as magazine and journal editor, media designer, business manager, executive director and lastly as Branch Manager for St. John Ambulance from which I retired in 2008.

I play guitar and sing at coffee houses, promote Green living and technologies - I am a founder of the Green Party - and still enjoy BC outdoors. We have one son, James, now 20. Kate is nearing retirement and then we will enjoy life even more!