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It has been 37 years since I have seen most of those faces and it all came back. First there was all the women I was involved with, if you had asked I would have professed to being a monk for those years. Apparently not.

Then there was all the guys from the North Shore Mustangs. In football circles it's a big deal to have played for the Mustangs. In my capacity as team photographer to the Queen's University teams my "stock" went up appreciably with the football coach when I pointed out that that was where I played my ball.

And then, all the musicians. Brian Redmond and I were driven, just about everyone else fell to the wayside. Brian stayed in town and I travelled all over Canada and the States for the better part of five years learning people skills that stand me in incredibly good stead today.

I learned some stuff that I did not know, John Malcolm, Class of 68 page 32, and Dad to Ryan Malcolm of Canadian Idol fame also lives in Kingston, although I have never met him but that will be easy to fix. I toured with Heather Woodburn, Class of 68 page 13, for more than a year and never knew we went to the same school. Mike Rimmer also lives in Kingston though I could not find a picture of him.

You will find my picture on page 7 of the class of 68 and since you seem to be a little thin with current photos I'll jump into the pool. It's a tad "Arty" but what the hey. I only have two photos of me that I am happy with and they are both self portraits. That probably means something but I'm not sure what, nor do I wish to pursue it.

And................. Every time I hear John Lennon launch into "Twist and Shout" I'm right back in the gym at those dances, that has never left me.

Hopefully we'll meet in May,
Michael Parkinson