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I tried graduating in 1966 but the best I could do was a high school leaving certificate in 1967. The certificate said, “don’t bother coming back for a third try.”

After high school, I was fortunate to hook up with an international youth organization that used music to spread messages of peace and international cooperation (click here) . During this time, I traveled through the US, Europe, Africa and, of course across Canada. When I returned to the West Island, I realized I wanted to do community youth work (click here) and returned to school.

After graduating from Concordia, I did community development work with the Montreal YMCA, and in 1980 accepted a job with the provincial government of Ontario where I currently work with the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation as an analyst in the Information Technology Department.

I married to my best friend and Riverdale graduate – Carol Gow-Salvis. We have two kids - now grown up. Spare time is now spent doing international travel and getting ready to retire – one day soon I hope.