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After graduating in 1972, I went to John Abbott College to study to be a social worker. However, on graduating, I couldn’t decide between archaeology and social working so I decided to work for awhile. I worked at several jobs: sales, accounts payable and then became a sales secretary to 14 salesmen (thanks to Mr. Hunter’s excellent typing class!). In 1980 I married and moved to Guelph, Ontario, for a year and did temp work and worked at the University. Then my ex-husband was transferred to Peterborough and I managed to find a rewarding job working at a Children’s Aid Society. After three years, we were transferred again to Toronto. I worked for an executive search firm, a relocation counseling company, an investment house and a retail grocery chain, where I gained experience as a legal secretary. It was then that I discovered weight lifting, squash, golfing, baseball and sports that I’d never tried before. As I enjoyed these new activities, my ex-husband and I grew apart and we divorced.

I am now working for a large law firm in downtown Toronto but I spend a lot of my free time doing volunteer work And when I’m not doing volunteer work, you may find me at my cabin in the middle of 40 acres of wilderness with no electricity or running water. Sheer Heaven! Otherwise, I like wilderness canoe trips or hooking up with some friends.

Truly having fun and trying to enjoy life to the max!