Whittaker, Joanne

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During highschool I had started dancing professionally a little so upon graduation I began ,in earnest, to Dance as much as I could...I danced my way across Canada, the US and in Europe...doing backup for singers, commercial work and musicals. Having lived out of a suitcase for a few years I traded that in for a knapsack and traveled Europe for about a year. I have since been producing, directing, and choreographing for Professional Theatre here in Ontario..I have also been on the Fire Dept. in my community for the past 8 years..I am on the training team for the Department as well as the Search and Rescue Team. I have 2 children, Ford 25 and Thea 19 [pictured at the bottom] Always up for a change, I now have my own Dance Studio, which is operational 8 months out of each year, and the other 4 months I spend in California with my guy who is a business man in Sacramento. ...I am unable to make the reunion but I do hope everyone has a wonderful time..Joey